Sicherungs-Regiment 195 reenactment group, 2014-2022

“Sicherungs-Regiment 195” was a WWII German reenactment group that formed in 2014 and was disbanded in 2022.

At reenactments, the group did not portray a front-line combat unit, as most groups did. Instead, the goal was to recreate the average, day-to-day, mundane experiences of the common German second-line security soldier in WWII, in as realistic a manner as possible.

During WWII, Sicherung units were tasked with security duties behind the front lines. They conducted operations against partisans and provided local security for rail and road supply lines. These units were comprised of very diverse groups of people from every background. They were mostly reservists, including many soldiers who were over 30 years old. Some had minor illnesses that made them unfit for front-line duty. In the reality of war, many Sicherung units found themselves in front-line combat roles. Some were quickly destroyed, while others performed quite well. Often Sicherung units were equipped with obsolete, or captured equipment. Overall, their equipment and training was often substandard. Vehicles were rare.

The Sicherungs-Regiment 195 reenactment group presented a mostly field-based impression of Sicherung troops, circa 1941-44. Elements of the real Sicherung-Regiment 195 served on both the Eastern and Western Fronts during the war. At reenactment events, the unit portrayed a wide range of roles, including static guards, garrison troops, and even, sometimes, front line combat soldiers.

Each member was expected to acquire a basic infantry kit. Medals and awards were not “earned” but were also dictated by the individual impression. There were no officer impressions. The unit had an absolute hardcore attitude about authenticity. For more detailed information about the group, including the kit requirements, please refer to the unit handbook.

The Sicherungs-Regiment 195 reenactment group was never a large organization, nor was it ever intended to be. The group eventually had an impact on the WWII reenacting hobby as a whole, that was far greater than its small size. The group demonstrated what a small group of dedicated people with a unique outlook and a strong focus on history could create together.

The WWII reenactment scene in the northeast USA evolved over time, with the aftermath of the 2016 election and then the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating changes that were already taking place. By mid-2022, the members of the group had decided that it was wise to end the project and instead move forward with a new and restructured group, better attuned to the new and changed situation.

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For information about the current, active reenactment project that arose from Sich. Rgt. 195, check out Festung Reenactment Group.