Original Wehrmacht uniform and equipment items – 10 of each

I took this set of photos each showing 10 basic German Army uniform and equipment items. I chose the items to be representative of original examples (for the most part). The photos are intended to show variation in original items side by side in the same lighting conditions.

The range of variation seen in the photos is a result of the following factors:
-Changes in materials and construction as the war progressed
-Wear and use
-Modification by/for the wearer
-Patina and toning from age
-Manufacturer variation with regard to construction; variations in raw materials used

Ten German Army belts and buckles
Ten pairs of ammunition pouches for the K98 rifle
Ten German Army bread bags and RG34 cleaning kits for the K98 rifle
Ten Wehrmacht canteens
Ten Wehrmacht mess kits and eating utensils
Ten Zeltbahn shelter quarters
Ten bayonets for the K98 rifle
Ten Wehrmacht gas masks with carrying canisters
Ten late war German Army rucksacks
Ten Soldbücher, with ten ID disks
Ten German Army overcoats
Ten Wehrmacht Tornister packs
Ten German Army helmets
Ten German Army field caps
Ten German Army tunics