Photo album from recruit training, 1943

These pictures are from the spring and summer of 1943. They are all from the same album, and document the training of a driver in a Panzerjäger unit, possibly Panzer-Abwehr-Ersatz-Abteilung 3. It’s my experience that private photos from this time are not easy to find, as film was growing scarce by 1943. A notable aspect of this set of photos is that this training unit was using large quantities of prewar and early war kit including M36 tunics, white shirts, white HBT, aluminum belt buckles, M34 caps and even 1934 pattern tunic and cap insignia. Some of the soldiers wear prewar shoulder straps with embroidered Panzerjäger cyphers, and the creator of the album is pictured in a Waffenrock, the use of which had been generally discontinued years before. The photos also show mismatched uniforms and insignia, a captured and reissued Czech tunic, and patch repaired trousers.

This photo and the 2 that follow: “4.3.43, Potsdam, Inspection of recruits”
“Room 66”
“Sunday visit”
“Epicurean delights”
“Alfred Schmidt”
“Locker order”
This photo and the two that follow: “On the firing range! 26.4.43”
“Marching off after completed work”
“Carefree Sunday morning, 16.5.43”
This image and the next: “Driving school. Pumping and more pumping!”
“Work detail, 12.6.43 Babelsberg”
“Havel, 28.6.43”
“Hangout Magic”
“Pharus – Sääle 17.4.43”
This image and the next: “Live shooting, 1943”
“Cigarette break, driving school, Potsdam, 8.5.43”
“Berlin – Pharussääle, 17.4.43”